What is Loot For Space?

Loot For Space is a collection of 8,000 unique bags of space explorer gear. At release, anyone can claim loot bags for just gas. Each loot bag contains upto 7 items: a piece for an explorer’s chest, foot, hand, head, a weapon, potentially an item and a special item for the very lucky.

A derivative of Loot, provides a space themed alternative to explore the known universe.

Loot For Space is an unaudited project. Bags #1 to #7777 are claimable by anyone and #7778 to #8000 are currently reserved for the contract deployer.

Bag #1
Bag #2

Items & Special Items

Some loot bags will contain an item, and there is a rare chance that a bag will contain a special item.

1 in 10 loot bags could contain a special item, but 2 in 3 have a chance of getting a regular item such as a grenade to protect yourself out in space.

Loot Manufacturers

Most gear will be branded and manufactured by one of the following multi planetary companies. (There is a 2 in 3 chance of getting a brand for each item within a loot bag):

Logo’s and imagery have purposely not been created to allow the community the freedom to build and present as you would like.

    "Lisser Freedom",
    "Rapid Dynamic",
    "Safe Kate",

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