Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loot For Space?

Loot For Space is a collection of 8,000 unique bags of space explorer gear. At release, anyone can claim loot bags for just gas. Each loot bag contains upto 8 items: a piece for an explorer’s chest, foot, hand, head, a weapon, potentially an item and a special item for the very lucky.

A derivative of Loot, provides a space themed alternative to explore the known universe.

Loot For Space is an unaudited project. Bags #1 to #7777 are claimable by anyone and #7778 to #8000 are currently reserved for the contract deployer.

Why is Loot For Space special?

Loot For Space builds upon Loot to provides a space themed alternative so that we can rocket to the Moon and Stars 🚀.

In the same note, it provides unfiltered, uncensorable building block for stories, experiences, games, and more, in the hands of the community, at no cost. Loot pursues complete decentralization from day one.

Can I build with Loot?

Yes, you are free to use Loot For Space in any way you want.

How do I value Loot bags?

They say that value is always in the eye of the beholder. Loot For Space is no different, though does provide rarity in terms of items and special items. Whether you value this more or less is upto you.